Brochure designs that will definitely make your clients run away

Having a brochure designed is one of the most exciting things for clients these days. However, there are certain brochures or traits of a brochure that can actually drive them away. So how do you identify the aspects that would drive away your clients? Well, here are a few of them that you totally need to avoid – at least if you wish to hold on to your clients!

Excessive information
Brochure designs that give away way too much information are the worst thing that a printing company in Dubai can come up with. This particular ‘excessive information’ aspect is the first one that is going to make your clients pack their bags and say good bye to you forever! So, instead of giving away excessive information in the brochure, keep things to a limit and don’t go overboard. Consult about the information that needs to be given out in the brochure with your client.


Incompatible selection of fonts and colors
The fonts and colors of your brochure design need to match. Any brochure that misses out on this element is going to either appear as being too flat or excessively vibrant. Both these traits give off a very bad vibe and are a major put off for a majority of clients.


Cheap quality printing
Your clients are actually spending their money to have their brochures designed. For this reason, they deserve getting the best possible results. However, if you give them brochures that have a very cheap quality printing, you can rest assured that your client is going to run away from you.


No call to action
One of the most important elements of a brochure design is that it possesses a call to action, so as to lure people into checking out your products and services. If the brochure design that you have come up with does not have a call to action, it is surely going to put off your client and you are bound to lose him.


Low resolution images and graphics
Clients these days are looking for the best signage companies in Dubai, and they expect to receive good quality results. Images and graphics play a major role in making the brochure appear more eye-catching and interesting. For this reason, it is necessary for you to use high resolution images and graphics. Those that use low resolution images and graphics can rest assured that they’ve lost a client!


Too much gimmicks

Designers at times think that gimmicks make a brochure all the more appealing. Well, there couldn’t be anything more wrong than this notion! The addition of too many gimmicks in a brochure design is actually going to be rather overwhelming for your client.