5 Safe Fitness Programs for Pregnant Women

Yes, pregnant women can still exercise. In fact, working out can help them overcome depression, bloating and extreme weight gain. But of course, they are not advised to do hardcore fitness programs such as Muay Thai, kickboxing and contact sports. We’ve listed down some of the safest fitness routines/programs for pregnant women. However, pregnant women should consult their doctors first before trying any of these programs.

  1. Low-impact Aerobics

Best done with a Dubai personal trainer, low-impact aerobics is a fun and healthy form of exercise during pregnancy. It helps keep the muscles toned and also strengthens the cardiovascular system. By saying “low-impact,” we mean no leaps, jumping or high kicks to avoid any type of injury.

  1. Yoga

There are different styles of yoga but the best ones for pregnant women are ananda yoga, hatha yoga, prenatal yoga and integral yoga. All of the three are slow-paced kinds of yoga that involve breathing exercises and easy poses. To stay safe, pregnant women should avoid bikram yoga kundalini yoga and power yoga because they are either practiced in high temperature rooms or they involve too many movements.

  1. Swimming

This type of exercise offers numerous benefits to pregnant women. It lessens morning sickness; helps relieve swollen feet and ankles; improves blood circulation and increases endurance during labor and delivery. Please do not go beyond 30 minutes of swimming each day to avoid injuries or other complications.

  1. Walking

Probably the easiest and most practical type of exercise for pregnant women is walking. It’s good for the heart and you can do it almost anywhere and anytime – without spending anything. Do not push yourself too hard though. Between 30 to 40 minutes of walking three to five days a week is already enough. Stop walking in case there is bleeding or if you experience abnormal breathing, dizziness and nausea.

  1. Indoor Cycling

Indoor stationary biking is a safer option compared to outdoor biking since there is little to no chance of falling. This low-impact, heart-friendly workout also allows you to stop when you’re tired and adapts to your posture since the stationary bike is adjustable.


If you want to do these fitness programs at home, you can try some online fitness programs that are suitable for pregnant women. Please avail only from reliable companies and consult your doctor to stay away from hurdles. ThinkfitDXB, a fitness company in Dubai, also have personal trainers who can work out with you on your preferred exercise venue.