Track authors to check out the ones that write the best content on your blog

Analytics Custom Variable from Google may be discouraging for a lot of people related with web marketing with slight technical information, but actually they are really informal to implement and use. As you read further, we’ll talk about tracking using Custom Variables of blog post authors. Also, we’ll find quite different possibilities.

Need to track authors for influencer social media marketing? It involves numerous reasons for chasing of blog post authors that apply content approach similar to the one you use. Highlighting is an active means of creating concern within a company by rewarding those people who have esteemed their performance. This type of report would be much simple to create until tracking of authors is involved.

What you need to do to find the best author

Many companies hire freelancer writers for their work to be written and analyzed carefully. Is that payment sensible? Do you actually think that some people are better at enhancing his or her work for search when compared to others? Have you observed the user engagement metrics about the quality of work they pull? If yes, you’re safe, do not have a headache either.

If some guest post author is attracting relatively higher amount of traffic flow to your page, it may be because they link from the authoritative province or might be having strong social promotional media participation. If this is true, ask them to provide you content on consistent base. But how we set up Custom Variables? There is a plugin which needs to be implemented to make our job easy. This involves simple marking few boxes and then that long and tough route isn’t that difficult. Many Word press installations are using GA Joost de Valk’s Plugin. This helps a lot in following authors as well. If you haven’t mounted GA on your page, it is recommended that you do it as soon as possible. After this, you can make simple and time saving edits to enable tracking of authors. If you are not an active user of Word press, then to print the Custom Variable in Google tag, you’ll need to use server side language you were using to commercialize it. If you’ll start using Google Analytics, you’ll find that they provide us 5 slots so if your active with other custom variables, make sure that your free from conflicting traffic which are falling in same slot.

What do report says? The moment of truth comes when you want your report to show good page views by various authors and Instagram influencers. It could also be referred as the most popular content search. It could be done quite easily by Custom Reporting where custom and metric variables use Page views as the utmost factor. Also, if you want to see deep inside author pages to know which of them are attracting major traffic, you should add landing page as a secondary drilldown. To indicate the quality of content, add user engagement service as it would make the report more interesting. Metrics such as average time spent on that particular page and bounce rate can be used this way.

If someone wants to look for a particular author’s standard writing which shows relevant data, your filter should be formed with Custom Variable and Segment. This method is termed as Segmentation. It could easily avail you with the content’s keywords and referrers.