Differences between university and college students

When students enter university, the first thing that they have on their minds is that they want to make tons and tons of friends. This wish actually comes true for most as they are surrounded by course mates, people they reside with and a lot of other individuals that they may know from clubs and societies etc.


To be honest, your course mates are the people you should be friendliest with. This is because these are the people who will be helping you out the most over the course of the next few years. For those who use Facebook, it is best to organize group chats and get people to take part in it to discuss things and get to know each other better. This particular group chat can be used as a means to sort out uni essentials like group presentations, up and coming course work and even course nights out without a thing to worry about.


The basic difference

So what is the difference between going to college and university? When you reach university, the ways in which you have been studying till that moment literally go out the window. Once you get to university, you will need to take on more responsibility than before in terms of your academics. You will not have professors teaching you what to do. Instead, you will have to take initiative for your own learning. It is you who will be held accountable for reaching to lectures on time, being part of important seminars and even reading up on elements related to your course.


In university, there will not be a single lecturer who will pursue you to see how much you have learnt. Unless you approach a lecturer and ask for it, there is no way that you will be able to receive feedback. Even the things needed for university happen to be different. You will need to be more organized, manage things on your own and basically become more so independent. When you write essay, you are going to receive brutal punishments for the smallest of mistakes and in case you do not comply with the set way to process your work, you will definitely get marked down.


If anything, there are countless major differences between the lives of college students and those pursuing university. University comes with a lot more responsibilities, but at the same time, there will be a lot more friends for you to make which is definitely going to make things more exciting.