Choosing A Sofa Based on your Living Room Design

Furniture and fixture can make or break the interior design of your space. So picking one should be done with utmost care and precision, like your sofa. Believe it or not, your sofa plays a big role on how your space will look like. Unfortunately, a lot of people pick the first sofa they see on the market, without thinking on how it would look in their living rooms.

If you on the process of designing your home and you are looking for a sofa Abu Dhabi homeowners would want, read on these tips to choose your sofa wisely.

1. Color
One of the things that you need to consider is the color scheme. Before buying a sofa, ask your interior design what color suit best on your space design. Ask him for several color options so your choices will not be limited. If you are doing this by yourself, check the color wheel and see what colors complement each other.

2. Material

If you are going for a specific theme on your design, the material should be part of the selection process. Are going for linen, fabric, or wood? Check your design scheme and see how the sofa material will fit in on the overall look. Same goes with the frame. Check which frame suits well on your fabric of choice.

3. Shape and sizes

Sofas come in different shape and sizes. So how do you know which is the right one? Check the overall look and the space. If you are living on a small apartment, the ideal shape and design of the sofa that you need to buy is the one that has legs on it which gives the illusion of sofa. If you have a pretty big space, you can play with the shape.

4. Comfort

Aside from the design, your sofa should provide you the comfort that you need when you sit on it. Be sure to choose a comfortable one. There should be a compromise between the aesthetic and function.

5. Price

The price is always a bone of contention when designing a space or buying a furniture. If you are low on budget, look into second hand sofa sellers in your area. The choices may be limited but you might find something that complements your design. But if you have money to burn, invest on a quality sofa. You can check and select on websites like