What Should I Order in a Persian Restaurant?

Curious about Persian cuisine but don’t know what to order in a Persian restaurant? This list of the best Persian dishes, desserts and drinks can help!

  1. Kabob

In English, this word translates to “meat.” Almost all Persian restaurants offer Kabob because it is the most ordered and most famous Persian food around the world. This dish comes in various preparations – the meat is either spiced with turmeric or with saffron. The main ingredients of Kabob include grilled chicken, lamb, and beef. Kabob is often served with flat bread, charred tomatoes and a parsley salad. One of the affordable restaurant offers in Dubai provides $50 USD discount for people who would like to dine in a Persian restaurant named Anar.

  1. Ghormeh Sabzi

Literally means “stewed greens” in English, this turmeric-seasoned dish is one of the staple foods in Persian parties. Its ingredients include either lamb or beef, kidney beans, spinach, parsley, coriander, leeks, dried lemon and dried fenugreek.

  1. Kotlet

As its name suggests, this dish is actually an American beef cutlet turned into Persian version by adding turmeric and potatoes. Kotlet is served in an unleavened flatbread bread with a few tomatoes and pickles.

  1. Tadig

Normally served as an appetizer rather than part of the main dish, Tandig is basically golden fried rice.

  1. Ash Reshte

This Persian vegetable and noodle soup is a good starter. It is also best for lacto-vegetarians since it doesn’t contain meat but it usually has milky topping of kashk (a mix of dairy products). Some other ingredients of Ash Reshte are beans and fried onions.

  1. Doogh

This word is a verb which says “to milk.” This beverage makes a good refreshment since it is composed of mint, yogurt and cucumbers. Iranians pair Doogh with almost every meal – even with soup-based dishes and spicy recipes.

  1. Fesenjan

This pomegranate-based stew is also popular in Turkey. Some other ingredients are walnuts, chunks of chicken or ground meat and chopped onions. Fesenjan is widely cooked in Iran especially during pomegranate season. Mention to an Iranian that you know how much they value pomegranates and he/she will smile, thinking you are very familiar with their culture.

  1. Gaz

This Persian nougat is a chewy blend of pistachios, sap and rose water. You can give it as a treat to kids, especially if they don’t want to eat other Persian foods.

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